"You cannot acquire experience by making experiments.

You cannot create experience. You must undergo it." Albert Camus 



Morgan & Joubert France combines wine expertise on one hand and international experience on the other hand. These two worlds together try to bring the right offer in the interest of our customers. We are a group of family owned estates, considered as the soul of French wine.  We are the roots of our excellence and specificity. We have selected them carefully. This exclusive portfolio represents all top wine regions of our country, expressing the biodiversity in terroir which enables us to produce identity wines with unique characteristics and flavours.



Our wines come from all different wine regions in France (Bordeaux, Champagne, Côtes du Rhône, Burgundy, Loire Valley, Languedoc, Alsace…). Volume will be enough for your needs with around 2 millions bottles available. Each vineyard is known personally thanks to our close relationship with them. They have strong story around their wines. They all have in common the passion for wine, and the quest of quality. They are wine luxury jewelleries… They succeed in it very well, for years now. With all those vineyards you will be able to propose a large range of wines. You can start with our seduction line, so that your customers can discover and still get the quality. Continue with our ambition line and you will be in position to propose additional flavours. Finally end with our exclusive line, you can then bring and create a surprising experience to your customers.


We are focusing on the top market like China, Japan, Europe, UK and USA. Personal We focus on the top markets like China, Japan, Europe, UK and USA. Personal relationships are built through frequent contact and regular communication. Morgan & Joubert France truly understands and respects the different nuances of each country and market segment. We use this knowledge to successfully match each producer to a target market. Most of all, we share the same passion for good food and wines.


We look at the wine industry differently. We believe that there is also an opportunity for family owned vineyards on the international market. We target new markets for them. We think that a goodwinemaker is supposed to be close to his vineyards, and it is our task to make it known abroad. We open the route to market for all our brands for the pleasure of our customers.

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