* We are a group of producers willing to cooperate on a French level.

* We have decided based on common targets to group our sales activities.


* We are all family owned estates. This allows us to open you the door to the best quality wines.

The one we put in bottle under our signature, no bulk wine.


* All our exceptional vineyards represent the French diversity and culture.

Each one has its own history, its own people who have been working on for years with passion and conviction…


* We will help you build the right balance in your wine offer.

The goal is to be able to propose an attractive and unique range of wines for your customers.


* We have the marketing approach that allows us to take into consideration the wine that we are presenting you:

documentation, story board, website,...   


* To our partner and to us, logistic is central. It is followed by our team with specific care.

The efficiency of our supply chain is part of the value that we bring you.




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